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krispin1  Hi! My name is Krispin. Krispin means curly haired and yes I am. I was born in Boston, MA in 1946, and adopted 18 months later by my two wonderful, loving, parents who taught me the love of God and the love of the earth. We moved to spend my grade school and high school years in the mid-west, in a small town 60 miles from Chicago. 

Currently I am a Clinical Nutrition researcher and educator, writing, teaching, and consulting from Incline Village, NV.

I have been practicing and teaching Clinical Nutrition since 1968. In 1988 I received certification and licensing from the National Institute of Nutrition Education. My certification license is renewed yearly through continuing education programs. I am also licensed by the State of California to teach nutrition in California post-secondary schools. I work individually with clients nationally and internationally by phone, fax, mail and email as well as providing consulting services for authors, physicians and the supplement industry..

I began my education in nutrition during the sixties at the University of Vermont. The science has come so very far from basic proteins, carbohydrates and fats. I have continued to study: biochemistry, psychology, exercise physiology, biochemical effects of trauma; nutrition, gene modifications, epigenetics, degenerative diseases; toxicology, parasitology; effects and side effects of the use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs including nutrient deficiencies caused by prescription drugs, chemotherapy and radiation; nutrition and the media; nutrition and government; nutrition policies and economics; and the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of supplements; the human microbiome in health and disease MTHFR genetic mutations, nutrition applications in stem cell therapy, mitochondrial repair after injury and illness and the benefits of phosphoethanolamine in health and disease. More recently I began working with transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation and other parasympathetic modalities to recover from stress and trauma. I have been working with transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation, parasympathetic healing, regeneration and embodiment since 2016.

I am a frequent lecturer at post-secondary schools, colleges, community centers, hospitals, and medical centers. In 2009 I added the study of microbiology to my resume, in particular the study of the microbial inhabitants of humans and in November 2010 began to explore the subcellular biochemistry of vitamin C. I developed a mitochondrial regeneration protocol in 2013 to combat trauma, surgery, injury, drugs/medications (legal and illegal) causing mitochondrial damage.

This past few years, beginning in 2019, I have been learning about 'holobionts' (you and me and the planetary microbiome) and the hologenome. This journey has been the most enlightening yet. More than 2/3 of the cells in and on us are MICROBES and these microbes have 300 times the genes within our bodies. Our microbes have great influence in health in all living things, not just humans. We are not ourselves but active cells in a magnificent organism called LIFE. In that we remember and honor our WHOLE self we thrive. When we FALSELY believe ourselves to be separate, alone, 'supreme' or 'abandoned', ANY position other than the truth of ONE life, one living being composed of all living cells, we begin to die.  Remember who you are. Your body is a miracle of LIFE. Life LOVES you 'as is'.

My current work is helping restore wholeness of body and mind in all my students and clients and supporting the WHOLE of life on earth. We are in a world gone mad. We have chosen dead things over life itself. Find your body. Listen to your body. Listen to Life's body, from microbes to whales and from fungus to the Giant Redwoods. Return. Life awaits your return. BeWild REWild.

Life awaits. Choose LIFE. Remember who you are.

Last modified on: 17 September, 2023

17 September, 2023