My Work

I am a clinical nutrition researcher/writer, consultant and teacher. I have been working in the nutrition field for 50+ years. Nutrition is about food not supplements. Supplements may be useful in certain circumstances but do not replace the importance of a 'real food' healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately (especially if you live in the same home) a healthy diet for one may be another's poison. We are genetically diverse. As a nutrition educator I offer personal consultations to help clients 1) determine what foods work to get and/or keep them healthy, 2) use supplements safely when they are needed, and 3) support specific life changes. I DO NOT SELL ANY SUPPLEMENTS. My goal is to educate my clients so that they don't need me anymore. Persons wanting me to do the work shouldn't consider my services. When you are ready to learn how to take care of yourself, to read the information, and learn how to apply it, I am ready to help.

Situations where I may be of help to you:

If you are considering working with me you should only proceed if you believe your body must be the final authority about what is right for you, and you are willing to spend the time and do the work needed to find the answers to your specific questions and concerns. My job is discovery and education, specific to your body.


There is a body, expressing certain symptoms, because it does not have what it needs for health and full life. Your body must determine what food and, when needed, supplements, with restore and support health and result in the elimination of the distressing symptoms. Naming the symptoms does not contribute to the elimination of symptoms. Some of the names are truly unhelpful, colitis, inflammation of the colon... why? when? arthritis, inflammation of the affected joint, again, why? when? Understanding the specifics of what your BODY needs will result in elimination of symptoms permanently.

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If you agree and believe I may be of help to you or need more information email or download below for the information packet.

Krispin Sullivan, MS, CN Email Link  Or download the information packet, print it out and faxed or messaged back. If this is not comfortable for you the packet may printed and returned by mail.

I do not see clients in person. I work by phone, fax, mail, and email.  I do not sell products (exceptions, the Workbook, Manuscript, and Sunlight Packet which are educational materials). I offer intensive education and personal support, so that you learn to listen to and care for your body.

My fee is $150 an hour but does not explain how my time/your money is used. Time includes consultation, phone follow-up, research if required, program preparation and other time/expenses. Phone time could be as little as 10-15 minutes with a current problem or question or take an hour or three or more acquiring/providing information/education on a complex issue. Program preparation times vary. I have kept my fee at the same level for the past 16 years because, as insurance will not cover costs, I am trying to make it as affordable as possible.

If you aren't sure about your current situation or costs you may request the packet, fill out the forms, and top them with a note asking me if your situation would benefit from my work and how much time it might take. It will always be an estimate.

Real answers to your important health questions require gathering large amounts of information to determine what is really happening, where (scale of health) you are, and how you got there. This information is gathered through the tests, completed forms, and completed health history as required to become a client.


Last modified on: 17 September, 2023