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HEALTH TRUTH FOR BODIES- Only the embodied can thrive and survive. Life is in the body NOT the brain. You cannot think your self/body into wellness. Listen to your body. It will never lie. Only in faith, in love, in truth can we find health. FEAR KILLS. HATRED KILLS. ANGER KILLS. Negative emotions throw our body into the sympathetic. This stops access to the frontal cortex, enhances our sense of disconnect and stops all regeneration in the human body. Regeneration is possible only in the parasympathetic. Fear, anger, hatred, KILLS. Love, faith, trust, JOY, restores life and regenerates injury without scarring.

FOOD TRUTH FOR BODIES- The major components of the human body are the microbiome, water, protein, fat, minerals, 5-7%, and vitamins, less than 1/10th of 1%. These elements are found in the soil and water and plants and animals and air of a living planet. Anyone who suggests or promotes supplements as a way to be healthy overlooks the facts. We suffer from a lack of a diverse microbiome, adequate proteins, essential fats and/or adequate minerals, from lovingly well raised animals, lovingly cared for fields and gardens fed by microbiolly rich soils, clean air and pure water untainted by ANY manmade CHEMICALS. Only life will support life. ANY other so called science is at best uninformed and at worst criminal. NO manmade fertilizer, livestock feed, NOTHING made by man will support health. All manmade chemicals and ULTRA PROCESSED foods with perservatives and additives support a slow death and a toxic medical community making money on your illness and misery.

FOOD FIRST, REAL, FRESH, WHOLE FOOD compatible with your body. If you suffer from any symptom, condition, or disease check the pages on protein, potassium, lectins, and essential fats. Due diligence requires you start with the core materials that build and maintain a healthy body. Only after you have made certain you have these core elements consider additional items needed that you cannot get from your diet. These items are far fewer than you may have been led to believe. For many simply applying the principles found on these pages will restore health.

Water- Make sure you consume 1/3-1/2 ounce of unpolluted water (no fluoride or chlorine please) for each pound of actual body weight every day, more in summer heat, when exercising heavily, or if you have a fever or diarrhea. Typical daily losses of water from your breath, urine and sweat average about 4% of total body weight. Your body is primarily water. Shouldn't it (you) be fresh every day. Alcohol, flavored drinks, or soda should not be counted toward your daily total.

Pick one of the core elements, protein, potassium or healthy fats, and work on it individually for days or weeks. Use REAL FOOD, lovingly provided by humans who care about life. When you are clear on your own sufficiency, your BODY will tell you, proceed to the next crucial element giving yourself a chance to 'feel the difference'. Check your daily intake of water, protein, your fats both type and quantity, and your potassium intake from food. Count out the numbers in each core group. You will learn about your body, what you need, what works for you. REAL FOOD from chemical free, microbe rich soils, unpolluted water, unpolluted air.

One more important thing, it's ok to NOT eat. Eating day and night, every day of the year, is NOT healthy for humans. Eating frequent small meals is NOT ok. Give your digestive system a rest. I prefer the 8/16 intermittent fast (8 hour eating window, 16 hour fasting window) but one day a week or three days a month or ten days every 6 months consuming water only, any fasting protocol you are comfortable with, will help your body stay healthy, your mind stay sharp, and your mood stay light. Breakfast, when you wake up, is NOT the most important meal. Give your body a chance to wake up before shoving down your first meal.

Deeper coverage of these issues and MUCH more may be found in the Practical Nutrition Workbook. A new version of the workbook will be available sometime in early 2023. Many updates. 300+ pages including information on synthetic folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid), unmetabolized folic acid, MTHFR mutations, the essentiality of docosahexaenoic acid, keeping mitochondria healthy, recovering from traumatic brain injury and/or PTSD, correcting elevated fasting insulin, autophagy, Intermittent Fasting, Time Restricted Feeding, and the importance of a diverse and healthy microbiome. To be notified when the new workbook is ready click here. If you need help now download the old workbook here for free. The omega-3 information in the 2015 workbook is outdated. All other information is current/correct. For current relevant omega-3 information see omega-3 link above.

Health, long term, depends on using your body. 60-90 minutes (intermittent is fine, even 10 minutes 6-9 times a day or 2 minutes every half hour) of vigorous physical activity every day keeps us thinner, wiser (better brain), happier (better mood), and healthier (stronger immune system). Get up and keep moving. Walk, run, jog, hike, bike, dance, skate, play.

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